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Road Cleaning Experts Road Sweeper


The sweeper truck is a special vehicle for road sweeping. As one of the sanitation equipments, the road sweeper has the function of saving time and labor. It is a new type of high efficiency cleaning equipment integrating road cleaning, garbage recycling and transportation. Can be widely used in city streets, municipal squares and airport pavement, urban residential areas, parks and other road cleaning operations. Road sweepers can not only clean up the garbage, but also can dust and purify the air medium on the road to ensure that the road is clean and tidy, prevent dust from flying, maintain the good working conditions of the road, and reduce and prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents. Further extend the life of the road.

Standard: Jiangling secondary engine (Cummins secondary engine); Italian motor; Taiwan's hydraulic valve; stainless steel water tank; stainless steel trash can; Schneider control switch; tail mounted arrow lamp, equipped with manual pump emergency system.

Road sweeper work performance:

1. Using the suction sweeping method to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic tilting discharge operation to clean the road surface.

2. The auxiliary engine is used to drive the fan and hydraulic system. Ensure that you can continue to work during the journey to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.

3、Using the "four-plate brush in the center + rear nozzle" or "two plates in the center + suction nozzle in the middle" structure, easy to adjust and maintain the cleaning device and the suction nozzle, the whole vehicle passability in the transition it is good.

4. An automatic clutch is provided between the secondary engine and the fan to ensure that the secondary engine is automatically disengaged from the fan during no-load starting and stopping, which reduces the impact on the secondary engine and improves the reliability and service life of the secondary engine.

5. The scan tray has automatic avoidance protection function and automatic reset function when it encounters obstacles. It automatically retracts after encountering obstacles and automatically resets after the obstacles are over.

6. The rotating speed of the sweeper can be adjusted according to various conditions to ensure good cleaning effect in all kinds of pollution.

7. It adopts advanced, high-efficiency dedicated fans and full-floating nozzles that can automatically level with the road surface. The cleaning effect is good and the service life is long.

8, can be installed monitoring, before the spray, after the spray, before the punch, sprinkler, snow shovel and so on.

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