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Informasi Industri

Type of road sweeper


It is generally classified by walking mode, operation mode or dust removal mode, and is usually classified by operating mode:
1. Hand-push sweepers and walk-behind sweepers
2. Self-propelled sweeper
3, pure sweep sweeper
4, suction sweeper
5, pure suction sweeper (multifunction full suction sweeper)
6, dry sweeper (cleaning vehicle)
7, wet sweeper
8, all-suction sweeper
Pure suction sweeper
(vacuum cleaner)
The pure suction road sweeper is a brand new high-tech product with no secondary dust pollution and functionally superior to traditional sweepers! The vehicle adopts the principle of vacuum suction, which consists of vacuum system, primary dust collection box, secondary dust collection box, dust recovery system, hydraulic system, electronic control system and walking system. It has a wide range of suction and suction. The advantages of high rate, no secondary dust suction, no dust emissions from the air outlet, and high work efficiency are the preferred products for sanitation cleaning and material recovery. It is applicable to the dust, high-concentration and large-density industrial and mining enterprises that are prone to generate dust pollution; the rapid cleaning and maintenance of urban elevated highways and bridges; and the cleaning and cleaning of urban trunk roads, high-grade highways and highways.
Dry road sweeper
The dry road sweeper is a new type of road sweeper. It does not use a brush or spray water, and all air flow operations rely on the principle of aerodynamics. Experts have identified leading domestic technologies and have independent intellectual property rights. The company's self-developed, developed and produced series of vacuum cleaners all use airflow, no brush, no water, no dust, no secondary dust, the widespread use of Lu Jie vacuum cleaner will greatly reduce the content of inhalable particles in the air Completely solve the problem of serious dust pollution, is a new type of environmentally friendly, energy-saving modern new environmental sanitation products, this product's environmental protection technology indicators are higher than the national industry standards.
Multifunctional sweeper
Features of multi-function full-suction road sweeper

City sanitation sweeper

The multi-function full-suction sweeper is a new product developed with patented technology. It has changed the traditional way of brush cleaning with the brush of the sweeper. It uses the air flow to complete the operation, and uses air flow to collect dust and garbage. It is very efficient because it is stored. This product can effectively reduce dust pollution, improve air quality, reduce the content of inhalable particles in the air, and improve people's living environment. Its characteristics:
· Suction dry cleaning. All the work is done with air flow, blowing and suction combined, no secondary dust.
· Do not use water without brush, save energy, dry suction, the car is over, the ground is clean.
· The cleaning effect is good. From tens of micrometers of dust to ordinary pebbles, leaves and other debris can be effectively removed, cleaning efficiency of more than 98%, can be described as "sweep ten times better than smoking again."
· Simple structure, few wearing parts, easy to use and maintain, easy to operate.
· Use and maintenance costs are low.
Why use a road sweeper?
The traditional answer: The road sweeper is used to sweep the floor, and the scrubber is used to clean and dry various grounds.
The professional answer: The road sweeper can not only solve the difficulties but also can obtain more profits for the users.
Road sweepers can solve the following problems:
1. The health problems of people living in a dusty environment;
2. Environmental indicators required by national laws or local regulations;
3, due to dust or garbage caused by excessive premature damage to the road surface;
4. The problem of dust contamination in the production workshop products;
5. Dust contamination of fixed or moving machinery in the production workshop;
Can bring greater profits (or savings):
1. The sweeping dust collection system of the road sweeper is equivalent to 6-40 times the labor force;
2. Reduce the degree of dust pollution to the environment (saving time and money, reducing the manual cleaning of the product, cleaning and maintenance of mechanical equipment, and periodic environmental health work, etc.)
3, improve work efficiency, while improving the operator's work enthusiasm;
4. A well-groomed environment not only improves the image of the city, but is also more conducive to the construction of urban culture and the enthusiasm of the citizens.
Fifth, mechanical and artificial comparison
1, the work efficiency, the same area of work time greatly reduced;
2, the cost of cleaning, it is certain that the cleaning cost of the mechanical unit area is even lower than the manual;
3, cleaning effect, machinery can avoid the uneven use of cleaning agents, cleaning effect is not uniform;
4, safety performance, so that the cleaners are in a safe environment (too many vehicles on the road, their own safety awareness is not strong)
5, economic return, taking a car as an example, how much money it spent on the day it stopped using is its real price. In addition to investment costs, there are operating costs and manpower costs.
Road sweeper domestic development
After several decades of development in the road sweeper industry in China, products have evolved from a single clean sweep to a variety of current types. Product performance and product quality have rapidly increased, especially after the reform and opening up, through the import of key purchased parts. Road car product performance and reliability have greatly improved. However, at present, there are still some gaps in the level of road sweepers in China compared with foreign developed countries, especially in terms of product reliability. In order to improve the level of road sweepers in China as soon as possible, narrow the gap with the level of road sweepers in advanced countries, and meet the requirements of China's environmental sanitation department for road sweeping operations, sweeper vehicle manufacturers should select a suitable road sweeper research direction. As society develops and progresses, it will no longer be satisfied with vacuum cleaners in a simple sense. It will put forward more requirements in terms of multifunctionality, environmental protection, and economy. The market calls for vacuum vehicles that can meet various needs.
Road sweeper as one of the sanitation equipment. It can be widely used in road highways, municipal and airport pavements, urban residential areas, and parks. Pavement sweepers not only clean trash, but also dust and purify the air medium on the road, which not only ensures the beauty of the road, maintains the sanitation of the environment, but also maintains the good working conditions of the road surface, and reduces and prevents traffic accidents. The occurrence and further extend the life of the road. At present, the use of pavement sweepers for road maintenance in China has become a trend.
The road sweeper is a special sanitation vehicle equipped with a sweeping brush and other cleaning systems, and is mainly used for sweeping operations in large and medium-sized urban sanitation departments. Road sweepers have greatly liberated the work intensity of sanitation workers, increased work efficiency, and reduced secondary pollution such as dust.
Use Step 1: Cleaning
1 Turn on the power of the control box and point the control valve to the secondary valve position
2 Start the auxiliary machine
3 Turn the slave clutch control button to the closed position and the fan starts to work
4 Point the vacuum box control to a lowered position
5 Point the left or right control to the down position
6 Turn the left or right rotary control to the forward position (count clockwise in the left and counterclockwise in the right)
7 Point the left spray, right spray, and rear spray water control knobs to the open position
8 Point the pump control knob to the open position
9 The vehicle is driving at an appropriate speed and starts cleaning
Two: Cleaning is over
1 Vehicle stops driving
2 Point the Pump Control, Left Spray Control, Right Spray Control, Rear Spray Control to Off Position
3 Point the broom control to the middle
4 Point the swash plate control to the ascending position and then to the middle position
5 Point the vacuum box control knob up and then back to the middle position
6 Point the secondary engine clutch control knob to the sub-position and then to the middle position
7 Point the control valve control button to the middle position
8 Shutdown the secondary engine
9 Power off the control box
Three: Unloading garbage
1 Turn on the power of the control box and point the control valve control valve to the main valve position
2 Start the vehicle's main engine
3 Depress the vehicle clutch
4 Open the vehicle's additional oil pump clutch switch (pull outward)
5 Loosen the vehicle clutch at an appropriate speed
6 Point the rear door control knob on the control box to the open position, and then to the middle position after 5 seconds
7 Point the car control button to the up position. At any time according to the inclination of the car box, you can point the control button to the middle position. At this time, the car tilts up and stops.
8 Garbage Cleaning
9 When the garbage is cleaned, point the control button of the car to the lowered position. After the car is fully returned, point the control button to the middle position.
10 Point the rear door control to the off position, and then to the middle position after 10 seconds
11 Clean up the end of rubbish
12 Depress the vehicle clutch
13 Close the additional pump clutch control knob (pull inwards)
14 Loosen the vehicle clutch at an appropriate speed
15 Point the control valve of the control box to the middle position
16 Switch off the control box

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