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Informasi Industri

Understanding the basic knowledge of highway piling machine


 Functions: Piling, drilling, pile-drawing equipment use areas:
 1, Highway piling machine drilling, piling, drawing piles 

 2, a variety of other sites piling (such as farms, pastures, orchards, etc.) 3, Highway Field Engineering construction Power configuration: Reasonable power, superior performance of the diesel engine, for the construction work to provide a strong source of power, power reliability, fuel economy, has been greatly improved. 

Highway Piling Machine

 Hydraulic system: Advanced hydraulic system, high-quality hydraulic components Strict assembly process, to ensure the rate and durability of the hydraulic system. Styling design: The overall frame structure is excellent, the material is completely national standard. 
 High strength, good stability, in line with the industrial aesthetic design ideas, operator work space more spacious. Production process: the production process is more reasonable, wear-resistant parts are used heat treatment process.
Strict welding process, the overall stress treatment of frame welding, reduce deformation, perfect testing equipment.     

Second, guardrail piling machine performance characteristics: 

1, mature and reliable chassis design, plateau local piling force without attenuation, mountain construction slope without pressure, is safe and reliable.     

2, 4 cylinders stepless variable speed, easy to move, special roads can be self-transition, easy to operate, high degree, faster positioning, efficiency of 260 type about 10%. 
3, unique heat dissipation design, to ensure that the equipment work for a long time.     
4, the all-in-one rail action is smooth, drilling (piling) high degree.     
5, the innovative hydraulic pump design, greatly improve the construction efficiency.

6, full-time four-drive, four-wheel brake 

Highway Drilling Rig

For new entrants, they do not know the equipment used for highway anti-collision guardrail installation, I heard that more is the highway piling machine, but now a lot of projects are required to drill holes, they do not know the production of piling machine manufacturers and the production of highway drilling machine manufacturers are a,

  Now the market production of road piling machine manufacturers are in the production of road drilling machine, but the production of different models, then, some people will ask, highway piling function can not be used to drill holes?
  The so-called Highway drilling machine is in the road or Subgrade after drilling and then to install steel pipe pile of a equipment, as for the highway piling function can not be used to drill holes, according to the manufacturers to judge, some manufacturers in order to be able to sell more equipment out, on the separate production of road piling machine and highway drilling machine, there is a little use. But in fact, the road piling machine and highway drilling machine fuselage is the same, the difference lies in piling and drilling equipment, in our factory production of road piling machine are multi-use, although the user is buying a highway piling machine, but if the latter user needs to use drilling function, only need to buy drilling device alone on the line, After the installation of the drilling device will be able to carry out drilling construction, no need to buy another machine. Conversely, if the user has previously purchased a highway drilling machine, it is the same truth, so that users in the purchase of our equipment is more affordable.
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